Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bib Sewing Pattern, Boy's and Girl's Bib, Baby, Toddler Bib Sewing Pattern

Sew these bibs and prevent spills from staining your little baby's clothes. These bibs are so easy to sew that you can easily make a number of them to match your baby's various outfits. They also make perfect  baby shower gifts. The four options provided, the tie-bib and bow-bib for boys, and the collar-bib and ruffled-bib for girls make it  a versatile pattern. What more, you don't need a lot of fabric to sew them, you can use up all the fabric scraps you have by sewing these bibs in different styles. So come on, sew these pretty and luxurious bibs and keep your baby's lunchtime free from spills and stains!

*This is a one-size- fits- all pattern, which can be used from a 3 month old to a 2 year old.

* It is complete with a pictorial representation of the whole sewing process and is suitable for any beginner.

* This pattern includes printable pattern pieces for the bib body, tie, trim, collar and yoyos. All you will have to do is print and cut them out.

* The pattern contains detailed instruction to sew four totally different types of bibs; two for boys and two for girls.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ruffled Top/Dress Sewing Pattern, Newborn to 6 years.

Sew these cute ruffly tops/dresses and let your little trendsetter invite all sorts of adoration. Sewn in bright and sunny colors for Summer or teamed with an inner during winter, these dresses or tops are going to be a staple in your little one's wardrobe. Shoulder straps for easy on and off, dainty embellishments and a design with a comfy fit are the features that make it extra darling.

 *The pattern contains detailed step by step instructions for ages ranging from newborn to 6 years and can be used many times as your child grows.

* It is complete with a pictorial representation of the whole sewing process and is suitable for any beginner.

* This pattern includes printable pattern pieces for the bodice. All you will have to do is print and cut them out.

* The top/dress has shoulder ties for closure and is free from the hassles of zippers or buttons.

* The pattern contains detailed measurements to sew it as a dress or top.

* The pattern looks best teamed with my bubble shorts pattern, found here:  http://blissfulsewing.blogspot.in/2014/03/bubble-shorts-sewing-pattern-girls.html#.Uz2HsigQ_IV

Mia Ruffled Top/Dress ( Shorts sold separately)
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fabric Covered Buttons Tutorial, How to Sew Fabric Covered Buttons

I love fabric covered buttons as they give the perfect uplift to any dress. They can also be used to embellish bags, fabric shoes, hairbands and a lot more. They are so quick and easy to work up that you can make a number of them in one go. They can be made with any left over scrap of fabric and old leftover buttons. Here I show you how to make them using the button making kit and also the classic way of sewing them without the kit. First lets see how to make the buttons with the kit.

You will need: 1) Scraps of leftover fabric and
                      2) Button making kit.

 Dig your stash and grab your fabric scraps.

Take your button covering kit which will have a few button tops, shanks (button back), a white button making tool in which we make the button and a blue tool which is used to press the button.

Lets cut the fabric for the button.

Cut a circle about 0.5-inch wider than the button top, all around and place the button top at the center of the fabric circle on its wrong side.

Insert the button into the button making tool along with the fabric and press.

 Fold the extra fabric inward and press it neatly into the button maker.

Place the shank over it.

Place the blue tool available in the kit over the shank and press firmly.
Take the button out from the tool.

Lo we have a cute fabric covered button!

Next we see how the button can be made without the kit. Note that here I have shown a button without the shank for covering. These can be hot-glued on to bags, shoes or other accessories. For dresses, you may cover a button with a shank which can be hand-sewn on to the dress.

 Cut the fabric circle just like we did earlier but this time the circle is just 0.25-inch wider all around.

Take a needle and thread and sew a running stitch along the circular edge of the fabric, leaving about 1/8-inch from the edge as shown above. Make sure to keep your stitches small and uniform to get a neat button with little wrinkles.

Now place the button at the center of the fabric and gently pull the two ends of the thread. The fabric would gather up and form a cup shape structure.

  Keep pulling till the fabric closes with the button inside.

Now tie the two ends of the thread tightly and secure the edges of the fabric by sewing.

Turn over and your button is done!