Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Felt Pumpkin, Fall Decoration, Sewing Pattern Felt Pumpkin, Free Pattern

Fall is round the corner and what can welcome the season better than these colorful felt pumpkins? This is a season to be colorful and you can sew these colorful felt pumpkins in different shades to bring in the season. Given the template, you can easily sew these in your preferred colors  You don't need a sewing machine to sew these pumpkins, you can hand sew them in minutes and jazz up your home!

Materials Required

1) Felt of any desired color for the pumpkin body

2) Dark green or dark brown felt of 2.5" x 1.5" dimension for the pumpkin stalk.

3) Polyfill for stuffing.

4) Needle and matching thread.


Take the the felt piece and lay it flat.

Cut the pattern template from the pdf given at the bottom of the post and place it on the felt. Mark and cut.

You will need 6 such pieces for the pumpkin.

Take two such pieces and layer them aligning the edges.

Hand sew along one of the curved edges, from the top to the bottom, leaving a seam line of 1/4" as shown above.

Take the remaining pieces in  pairs and repeat the  above steps. 
You will get three pairs as shown above.
Lets join the pairs to form the pumpkin.

Turn one of the joint pair inside-out and slide it inside another such pair as shown above. Now the right sides are together. Align  the curved edges and make sure that the seam lines on the two pairs fall in line.

Sew along one of the curved edges, leaving the other edge open (this is where we attach the next joint pair). Now we have four pieces attached together. We see our pumpkin slowly taking shape.

Take the third  pair, turn it inside-out and slide it into the four pieces joint together. Align the curved edges and the seam lines again and sew one of the curved edge completely shut. You have to leave a small opening about 1.5" to 2" while you join the other curved edges. This is to insert the polyfill.

This is how your pumpkin would look like now. Note that here my opening is a little too big.

Turn the pumpkin inside-out.

Stuff the pumpkin with poly-fill as tightly as you can and hand sew the opening shut.Leave a small round opening to insert the stalk.

Now we need to do the pumpkin stalk.

Take one dark green or dark brown felt piece, 2.5" x 1.5" dimension.

Roll it width wise and secure it using a needle and thread.

Insert the stalk through the opening at the top of the pumpkin and secure using a needle and thread. You may optionally hot glue the stalk onto the pumpkin.

Voila! Our pumpkin is ready.

                                                 Get the template Here. 

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