Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tote Bag Tutorial, DIY Tote Bag Pattern, Free Pattern

Tote bags are perfect for carrying your essentials for a day out in the beach or pool. They can also offer perfect storage solution to your little one's toys, books and other items during travel. My tutorial will help you sew a simple and light tote which is roomy without being bulky.This bag is made only of rectangular pieces and hence sewing this bag would be an easy task for any beginner seamstress. So come on, your search for the perfect day bag ends with this classic tote. Sew these totes in different colors and prints and add  trendy and versatile inclusions to your bag collection.

*Note- The Flower is not included in this tutorial.

Materials Required

1)       Heavy weight cotton fabric of any desired print and color for the first panel- ¼ yard
2)       Heavy weight cotton fabric  in a  coordinating color and print for the second panel- ¼ yard.
3)       Heavy weight cotton fabric in another coordinating print and color for the lower panel-1/4- yard.
4)       Cotton fabric for lining- ½-yard.
5)       Medium to heavy weight single sided fusible interfacing- ½-yard.
6)       Sew-on snap button- one pair.
7)       Sewing Notions.

                                      Click here for the free pattern

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recycled Sling Bag from Old Jeans, Easy Bag Making Tutorial, How to Sew a Bag from Old Jeans

Recycling old jeans is everywhere on the internet and using the top part of it is an old tale. There are endless items like skirts, bags and aprons using the top part but what do we do with the lower leg part which is cut off? Months before, when I made my Amelia Ruffled Capris, I kept the lower part to myself, I knew something would light up in my brain and here I am, with the idea of the sling bag! This bag is so easy that you can sew it in just 30 minutes or even less, All you need is the lower part of your jeans and a fabric scrap! You can make as many of them as you want to match with different dresses.

Material Requirements

The lower leg part of your old jeans

Cotton fabric (you can use any left over scraps you have).


 Take your materials.

  Keep your jean leg over the fabric and mark 3/8" away from either side for seam allowance. Mark the lower and upper edges and cut it. You will require one more of such piece. Our lining pieces are ready.

Sew the lower edge of the jean leg shut, leaving a seam allowance of 3/8". This would be the main body of the bag.

Take the two lining pieces and keep them overlapping with the right sides together and aligning the edges. Sew around the sides and the bottom with a 3/8" seam allowance as marked by the black line above.

Pull the fabric away from each other at the corner of the bag, on its wrong side and mark a line 3/4" across the corner as shown above. Sew along the line, making sure to reinforce at the start and finish. Repeat the steps on the other corner. This would give the bag its three-dimensional shape.

Repeat the steps on the corners of the lining just as you did for the main body.

Your bag and its lining would look like this on the wrong side.

Now keep the bag on its right side and the lining on its wrong side, with its upper raw edge facing the lower edge of the bag and slip the lining over the bag.

Align the raw edge of the lining with the raw edge of the bag and pin all around. Sew the lining onto the bag, leaving a 3-inch gap  without sewing to pull out the lining.

Pull the right side of the lining out through the hole .
Push the lining to the inside of the bag and press taut, making sure to tuck in the raw edges. Topstitch over the seam line of the bag and lining to make it neat and crisp.

Now we need to do the strap.

Take two fabric pieces 1 & 1/2- inch wide and 44-inches long. Preferably you can make it longer or shorter.
Keep the two strap pieces overlapping with the right sides together and aligning the edges. Sew along the four sides, leaving a 2-inch gap in the middle. Turn the strap inside-out through the gap.
Press taut and top stitch to make it neat and crisp.
Unpick a few stitches just above the side seams on both sides of the bag, insert the strap by about 3/4" and pin.

Top stitch to secure.

We are almost done with the bag, lets do the ornamental bow.
Take two fabric pieces 13-iches long and 1 & 1/2-inch wide. Finish it just as we did the earlier strap. Fold it in three as shown above.

Lets do the ring around the bow.

Take a piece of fabric, 2-inches long and 1" wide. Fold the two longer edges towards the wrong side by 1/2" and press. Fold in half again and sew it shut along the edge. Wrap it around the center of the bow and secure it by a few knots.

You can hand-sew the bow a few inches below the top edge of the bag or even hot-glue it.

Now we need to attach the snap button inside the bag.

Hand-sew the snap buttons at the center on the inside of the bag as shown above.

Your bag is ready!